Wet rain drops dripping down from a completely empty sky. The pollution keeps the stars away. Late night in a taxi, feeling the breeze from the window slowly blowing through my hair. A smell of soy, sesame and warm noodles finds its way into the taxi from a business man walking down the street of Hong Kong’s business district, 中環.

As kids, we always dreamt about experiencing the Asian world. We played Pokémon. Traded cards. Watched anime. Made plans. Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka. Seoul. Hong Kong. Taiwan. Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing.

After waiting for months. Years. A life-time. The day finally came. Flight tickets booked. Graduation. And away. Hong Kong Airlines. Alone. Asia.




Our brand draws upon inspiration from the movement and we strive to capture the weird, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia, futurism and escapism.

We create vaporwave clothing to connect.